Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Night

I had a fun day, today. Well, not really fun, per say, but not un-fun. I walked 1.6 miles on Walk It Out and ran 1.378 on Free Run while watching Summer Magic, a 1961 Disney movie with Haley Mills and Burl Ives. After my 10 minute run, I did my squats (225) and my sit-ups (33). I am not rocking the sit-up challenge, but I'm doing it.

I am on my way to clean my younger boys' room so that I can move the oldest in with them. He has complained to me one too many times about my sewing stuff being in "his" room. It was part of the deal when we moved into this house. Now, he's outa there!

Have a good evening everyone! We are now watching Veggie Tales.


  1. I tried to do some squats and and I couldn't do even a dozen!
    You are too strong for me!
    Must be that veggie person over on the sidebar!

  2. When I started this challenge 5 weeks ago, I did 33 total on the first day. I had a really hard time walking all week. I also had a hard time not moaning when I stood up or sat down. I am really excited at how strong I have gotten in such a short time!

  3. YAY squats! Love them, makes the toosh look yummy. I started doing them while holding dumbells. How you like them apples? ;-)

    Polar's Mom