Monday, January 3, 2011


Hear that? It's the sound of NOTHING! Okay, in a few minutes, my nephew will be here, but otherwise, it's NOTHING right now! The kiddos are at school, Hubby is getting ready for work, and I am on my way to listening to the sound of silence.

I have Nephew watching Diego. I need to get my squats done, start on the sit-up challenge (again) and do some cardio. I had leftover potatoes for breakfast (YUM). I guess I have nothing else for today. My arm is feeling better, but obviously not 100% yet. Have a good one!


  1. Sounds AWESOME!! Get 'er done!!

  2. I've been dreaming for weeks of having a day to myself. LOL. I keep my 4 year old neice and 8 year old nephew (after school & when schools out) at home with my 7 year old and 13 year old. My BIL had them for the last few weeks but I've had mine. Hubby was off work the last few days I didn't have neice and the kids were in school.

    We all did Just Dance this morning so it was a lot of fun.

  3. Ugh I miss quiet. Our Jack Russell does not do quiet. Damn dog. ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  4. What was that sound?
    Soon enough it will be loud again, eh?
    Have fun!

  5. Thanks for stopping by our blog. What is the squats and sit-ups you speak of? I'd love to take the challenge!!