Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feeling So Much Better!

That short run last night, and the water, and getting that garbage out of my system is really making me feel so much better. My tummy is getting back to normal. I have no headache this morning. It has got to be from straightening up and living right. I don't have to do THAT again!

I just finished the book This Is Not The Story You Think It Is. From the very beginning to the end, I found this book to be encouraging and to remind myself that happiness comes from within. Yankee has been very upset since our most recent move. He really liked where we were living and has had a difficult time finding his groove at the "new" school where his grandparents graduated. My mom, whom I love and also makes me crazy told Yankee the other day, which is so simple, "Grow where you're planted, Buddy." We can't always control where we live, or our environment, but we can make the best of it!

Hubby asked me if I wanted pancakes this morning (meaning he would make them egg free). I thought about it and I remembered how I felt over the last few days. I said, "Go ahead and make them with eggs." That way I wouldn't be tempted to make myself feel like garbage. I may be vegan, but I try to get my carbs from fruits and vegetables. I am back to making good choices!

Squats today along with sit-ups and finishing Walk It Out.


  1. Glad your making healthy choices! Exercise looks good.

  2. Moves are quite a life change for everyone, but I think learning to adapt early in life will definitely help with making life choices and maturing later on...and good on you for your food choices-keep it up!

    Polar's Mom