Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Don't Eat Meat!

Then why did I eat 8 pieces of Genoa Salami yesterday? HMMM? It was really yummy, though. I had put it on a tortilla shell and wrapped it up for my nephew. He didn't want it and I said I would take a bite and save the rest for his mom. He said at one point, "There's gonna be nothing left for Mommy!" And I paid for it later with burning intestine. My theory is that because I hadn't been taking my iron supplement (the pain meds had me pretty constipated) that my body was craving any kind of animal flesh. OMGoodness was it delicious!

I am still 2 lbs up from my lowest of early last week. I have been exercising every day. Obviously my eating was off, but I was down .7 from yesterday. It has been one week since I broke my arm and it is feeling pretty good. I am noticing twinges of pain at different times, and throbbing at others, but all in all, I am pleased with the progress.

I get to see my BFF today! We have big plans! We are gonna go see my mama for a minute, then we are going to sit in my comfy chairs and knit! We know how to rock it!


  1. I didn't eat meant once, for many years. Then one day in Oktoberfest, I simply had to have it. Ate a Bratwurst right in the car. Ate meat ever since.

    It happens!

  2. Salami is a bit on the fatty side, isn't it? That's what killed your intestines I bet. I don't eat red meat. I've toyed with vegetarianism, but I'm not experienced enough to feed myself properly. Do you think you could be up in weight due to the meds you've been taking? Took me awhile to get the pigeon poop comment and then it cracked me up. Have fun rocking and knitting.

  3. Here is a good video on meat: http://meat.org