Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too Much About My Dog?

I don't care, I LOVE him! He's awesome! He listens, he's potty trained, and he doesn't talk to me. Aunt Flo must be on her way because the sound of my children's voices are really annoying me. The pitter patter of their giant feet, the fighting, the arguing, why can't it be me and my dog? I took a test online this morning, and I bombed it, thanks to the help of my children. Every 20 seconds, I had to tell one of the kids to leave the dog alone, stop yelling, stop fighting, turn down the TV, stop asking me questions, stop getting the dog wound up, no hitting, ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!

Okay, children are a treasure from the Lord. I must keep reminding myself of that. I am 5% of the way through the book I have to read and write a paper on by Tuesday. Holy cow, I have a lot to do.

Brutus found his leash and harness and brought them to me, sat down and waited patiently for me to get him ready for a walk. So I did, and sent Yankee out with him. I was in the middle of my test. He was so patient and quiet, that I couldn't help but love him best. Anyway, I think I am off to get him a new toy and some biscuits.


  1. You're not sposed to have faves! Cept me.

  2. Puppies and kitties are also from Above!
    From Doggy Heaven.