Monday, October 18, 2010

I Hate HER

You know her, at least you women know her. You men have been scarred by her. She's mean and she goes for the jugular. Her name is Flo and she's everyone's worst aunt. She is on my back, all 2.2 lbs of her. I HATE her!

I asked Dimples to take a picture of me and Brown Eyes for my blog, I didn't realize he would take it so that it didn't need to be edited. I want a couple of things noticed. First, I am not trying to eliminate my double chin, it's just not there. Second, I think you can see collar bone, if not muscle in my neck! Also, I am sitting on the floor. I am not uncomfortable, even though I have a 75 lb dog on my lap along with a 45 lb kid. I am happy, kid is happy, dog is happy. (This is all before that beee-atch jumped on my back to have me gain 2.2 lbs).


  1. LOL. You look Great and, most importantly, you feel great. I just kicked that beotch outta my house for the month so I feel for you there :D

  2. Ah - but when she leaves the pounds should go with her. And what about the darn food cravings she brings?