Friday, October 8, 2010

My Head Hurts!

And it is my own fault! I made hot dogs for my nephew and niece today for lunch. They are the Hebrew National, so not as bad as others, but still. Anyway, Niece said, "Auntie Mandy, could you make me another hot dog? I'm still hungry." I said, "Sure. Why don't you eat some of this fruit salad why I make your hot dog." She said, "I will eat everything except for the pineapple. I don't like pineapple." So I ate the pineapple for her. That was my first mistake. I should have just put it back in the bowl, but no, I decided it must be eaten. Then when the hot dog was done, Niece said, "Auntie Mandy, I don't that hot dog. I'm full." So, I put it on a plate and offered it to my sister-in-law when she came to pick up Nephew. She said, "mmm, no thanks. I will pass today." Well, Hebrew National hotdogs are REALLY expensive! So, while I was making my kale (turned out awesome!), I ate the hot dog. Then, when I stopped to get gas, I bought some donut gems. Then I went to Kroger to get my vegan cheese slices and bought a pepsi. Then I ate a bunch of chips and hummus. Now, I sit and wonder why I have a headache. I am guessing it has something to do with hot dog and donut.

Tomorrow, I take Niece home. The boys are so bummed about it. They have really grown attached to her. They don't understand why we can't adopt her. Well, I wish we could, but that is not in the plans right now.

So, for Auntie Mandy's Good Choices Blog, I'm Auntie Mandy, ready to make better choices starting NOW!

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  1. I so understand. I LOVE those Hebrew National Dogs. Those are the only ones I buy and so delicious and very expensive. But worth every bite. I know I'm not helping, but it's over. Start