Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am really ticked at Hubby right now. He brought home VEGAN donuts! WHAT????? Wasn't that sweet? I ended up indulging in one. But only one. I remember the days when I would buy donuts and eat a half a dozen at a time. I had an extra 200 calories with that donut, but I also only had one 12 oz soda (which lately has been more like two 20 oz bottles), and with my eating today, prolly brought be in still well below 1200 calories (I just hate math!). So I splurged,but I did NOT overeat. Brutus and I spent a LOT of quality time today. I watched me do 30 minutes on the Wii Fit. We walked to school to bring Yankee his lunch. We went for another walk after I got home from school. In spite of my thoughtful husband, the was pretty good.

I am ready for bed. I have taken my vitamins, I have my book and my water.

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  1. my thoughtful husband brought me a big mac and fries. food is love, food is love, food is future poop!