Friday, October 15, 2010

FRIDAY...FRIday... friday

I love Fridays! Mostly because I don't have to get up early on Saturdays. My eating was right on today, and Brutus and I walked 1.5 miles.

Since we have been keeping Brutus in the house, he is a different dog! I almost wonder if we didn't get someone else's dog after the free dog wash. They either gave us the wrong dog, or they washed all the naughty off of him! He is like a perfect dog! He lays at my feet while I am studying. Barks at the mean dogs on Frogger. Helps me do my Wii Fit. He's AWESOME!

I am really tired after this long week!


  1. I know what you mean about Fridays. Where did you have Brutus washed at? I need to take my little guy there. LOL. Mine is trying to walk on the Wii Fit board when I'm on it or jumping all around me because he thinks I'm playing with him :)

  2. How does he help you do the Wii Fit?

  3. I take him to the Bed and Biscuit. :D

    He helps me by pointing with his nose where I need to go next. He's brilliant!