Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun Fun FUNNY!

Tuesday, I got a call from the school that Dimples is saying some things that make him sound like he is using his disorders as an excuse to behave poorly. When I asked what he is saying, the teacher responded, "He said yesterday when we were at the orchard, 'When I eat this donut, it will cause me to have psychotic tendencies which I cannot control.' Then he proceeded to eat the donut (which had nothing he is allergic to in it) and push this girl down." Psychotic tendencies? I have NEVER said that anything he is allergic to causes psychotic tendencies. I have said it will cause outbursts, but the things he says....

Thursday night, we went to a customer appreciation event at my favorite car dealer, ever. They are awesome. They sponsored the St. Baldrick's event for me in March and will be doing the same again coming up this March. Good people. Anyway, they were having a pig roast. The pig wasn't actually on the premises, but it was a roast, nonetheless. Brown eyes kept asking everyone, "Where's the pig? I need to eat him!" So we went through the line and got to the pig (pulled pork), and he says to the lady, "I want a pig sandwich!" She says, "Well, this is pork." He says, "What's the difference?" Her response, "I think the difference is pork is cooked." He rolled his eyes and took the sandwich and didn't eat a bite of it! Oh and there were over 500 people at the event. INSANE!

Last night, one of hubby's bosses asked him if he would like to take us to a fish fry. Hubby called me and asked, and I said fine. Now, I never like to talk about politics on this blog, but I feel I must now. I consider myself a crunchy conservative. I don't like to waste our resources, I like to do things naturally, but fiscally, I am conservative. I am also open to hear what others have to say, BUT I do not want to go to a fundraiser for EITHER party! I should have known that it was a Democratic Party fundraiser as it was at the UAW. But it didn't hit me until we were waiting for Hubby's boss, and I looked at the ticket that I realized it was a fundraiser. Then my uber conservative Yankee was constantly rolling his eyes when the speakers were talking. How embarrassing!

I bought 12 50/50 tickets and I didn't win. I told them that if I won, I would become a Democrat, but I guess they don't feel like buying my vote! :D


  1. I agree with Dimples-donuts make me psychotic, too!!!

    Polar's Mom

  2. I didn't realize it was at the UAW! My dad's picture used to hang on the wall there as former union president. Not sure whether or not it still does. It's been over 20 years since I was there.

    I think your vote was too cheap for them. lol