Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spoiler Alert! Biggest Loser!

Maybe I should say that when I was watching the Biggest Loser online today, they blew it for me! Right there on the side of the screen it says, "Viewers of Episode 4 also viewed 'Catch up with Burgandy at home!" JERKS! That's all I have to say. I felt bad for her as she was working her arse off at the ranch, but obviously, something clicked at home. She looks great. Also, Sophia was sent home, because she went below the red line. It seems like this season, up to episode 4 the only whiners that weren't pulling their "weight" are above the yellow line. I just don't get it. I also can't believe they are bringing back heart attack guy! EEK!


  1. Iknow. I seriously can't believe they're going to be accepted by the other players. I'm okay with Burgandy going home, because she weighed less than me to begin with and that, in my mind at least, means she's not "really" obese. lol

  2. Oh, come on. You love the dredlocks...

  3. I was glad to see Burgandy go. I was irritated by her misspelled name.

    Why yes, I am petty, that way. lol

    Other than her, I am sick of seeing the women getting decimated. It will be good to see the competition go back to it's old format.