Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hot 100 Update ... A Day Late

1. I will remember to take my supplements every single night. Yay! I did it! It really helped that I changed my B vitamin!

2. When I feel I need ibuprofen, I will take 1 instead of 2. - I had a migraine the other day, I took one, it didn't touch it. So, before bed, I took two.

3. I will purposefully exercise every day. I do believe I succeeded in this one! Thinking back on this week, I took a walk every day. One day, I even got to do a good deed!

So even though the goals were achieved, I had a rough week and I am still up 1.5 for the week. Now, by Monday, that should be gone (as has happened in the past), but I REALLY want to be out of the 160s! And, I want my saddlebags gone. Things are moving and changing every day. I have started some new exercises that Lanie sent me, so I let you know how thins look after a week.

I have a busy weekend as well! Fall festival party at the in-laws tonight. Tomorrow, I am taking my mom with me to work (I am actually dropping her at Panera) and then we are going to return some stuff she bought that she doesn't need.

I am working on another post right now about the crazy week I had! It is very funny if it didn't happen to you!


  1. If you find something that actually gets rid of the darn saddlebags please share it!

  2. I can't believe our mom's going to be only a block away from me and not coming to say hello! Too bad Grandma's isn't open anymore. she woulda loved it!

  3. Not a bad week. It can be frustrating when the scale is seconding that though. Just remember, if you keep doing the right things, the scale will follow.

    ~South Beach Steve