Sunday, October 10, 2010

One Hour At A Time

Spunkisuzi is right. I need to take this one hour at a time. Last night, after I blogged, I took Brutus for a walk. At first, I didn't put his harness on him. BIG mistake. I made it five doors down before I came back home. I was going to give up, but I remembered the square fish I ate. So I put his harness on him, and ventured back out. He tried to pull at first, but just couldn't handle it, so we had a nice walk. We went around the block, one mile, and we were both better for it.

My weigh in this morning was much better. I am down .7. I went ahead and changed my ticker to my current weight. I feel like I might be able to move forward in the direction I need. I would like to say that I don't let what negative bloggers say affect me, but I guess it does. When someone says that I am a failure and it will be evident sooner or later, I take it to heart. Does that mean that the negative wins? Maybe. Well, losing over 30 lbs is not failing. Gaining a few over a weekend is not failing. Wrapping my mind around what caused it and doing better, is not failing. Making good choices, listening to my body, is succeeding.


  1. You are definitely NOT failing!! You know how many times i want a certain piece of junk food but i keep telling myself i can do without it just for an hour and then i'll see and by the time the next hour comes i'm stronger again :)
    It's called learning! And hey i'm 49 and still learning every day!!
    Your doing great and to come back get the pooches harness and go back outside for a walk is awesome!!

  2. Hey Mandy, ask for permission on my blog. I don't know your e-mail address.