Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

I got to see my mommy today. She has moved to town! WOOT! I still have over half of my book to read and write a paper on it by Tuesday, so I didn't stay too long. My weight was the same as it was the other day, which is my all time low. I am pleased with that as we did eat out on Friday night.

I really struggled this morning when I went to the store to get my morning caffeine. The apple fritters were there, just delivered, all glazed and gooey. They looked fabulous. I wanted one or eleventy. I grabbed a bag of trail mix, a granola bar, and my caffeine. I paid, then left. Did I do myself in by not eating that? Probably not. I know I am weak right now as I mentioned yesterday having a difficult time dealing with the kiddos. So, I have won over the fritter!

After work, I stopped at Panera for more black bean soup. Instead of getting a bowl this time, I got a cup. It was just as satisfying, if not more, because I wasn't stuffed after. I consider that a bit of a victory as well.


  1. And the glory days are over. Now I gotta compete with your mom for Mandy time!

  2. Victory over fritters! Good for you:)