Saturday, October 16, 2010


It is amazing what a little bit of exercise will do for my perspective. Dimples and I played Walk It Out on the Wii today and according to the annoying guy, we walked over two and a half miles. When Hubby got home from his third job today, Brutus and I went for a 2.41 mile walk. It is a brisk 64 degrees with gorgeous blue skies. The desire I have most right now is lose the saddlebags. They are really annoying me. I can see the rest of me shrinking, then I get a glimpse of myself in the glass when I'm walking into school, and my eyes bulge out of my head like in the cartoons! The saddle bags are TOTAL vanity, and I don't care. I want them gone! How do I do that? I guess I should move more and eat less. I still have some slight pain in my left foot from my fall down the stairs a few weeks ago, but I am pushing through it now. It isn't a constant, just seems to be associated with weather change. Isn't it awesome? I have a built in weather forecaster in my right knee, my left ankle, my left big toe, my left wrist, and my right hip. Maybe I should become a meteorologist, or better yet, a meaty urologist!

I've been waiting to use that line!


  1. You waited all of 45 minutes to use that line!
    Still, I'm endlessly impressed with how you take our best phone conversations and turn them into posts.

  2. Exercise works for me too!
    Hope your foot gets better soon. At least you have that built in weather forecasting!
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