Friday, November 26, 2010

Only Up .2!

I have still lost over 30 lbs. Now, I'm done farting around. I am back on plan. I haven't gone "off plan" as far as eating is concerned, but I have been off plan as far as exercising is concerned. After eating my weight in potatoes, butternut squash soup, and apple crisp, I am only up .2 lbs. Okay, I didn't eat my weight in it, but I ate until I was uncomfortable. Only about a pound of the turkey got eaten yesterday, so I am trying to find unsuspecting passersby to drop some turkey into their shopping bags, except there is only one place to shop in my little town, and I'm not schlepping turkey leftovers over there. Although, that would be a good way to work some exercise into my day. Hmm, I'll have to think on that!

Now, I am just blathering because my Yankee wants to get on my computer, and it is fun to make him wait. :D Well, have a fun day!


  1. Take some turkey to work with you Sunday and leave it for the potluck ! I won't be there to be tempted, so it's o k

  2. Good idea! You saved me from schlepping!

  3. Does Turkey freeze?
    You could make little meals
    to take ahead of time.