Saturday, November 6, 2010

Farty McButterpants

That's what Hubby called me tonight! The NERVE! Anyway, we are having family pictures taken tomorrow (outside!). I am really excited. I was going to get school pictures, but it costs over $100 and I am not spending that on crap pictures.

I made a soup today out of celery root. It turned out to delicious! I made it with cashew cream, celery root, onion, all kinds of yummy goodness! I got the recipe from the cookbook The Conscience Cook. It is a totally vegan cookbook that has some of the best recipes. Anywhopper, I am whipped and off to bed!


  1. I like now you keep changing your Anyhow . . . to something different.

    Had fun with you today. I'm really ticked at your honey for thinking of that one before I did!

  2. Interesting pet name the hubby has for you... only true love allows that one to go without a frying pan to the head.

  3. First, I'm loving the Princess Bride quote. Second? Try lots of pain meds and you won't fart much for a while. Sure, you get majorly constipated (even while eating 5 servings of fruit and veggies), but no farts either!