Saturday, November 27, 2010


I was just reading a post over at Adventures with Monkey Girl about her husband and his incredible self control.

I was remembering when I was on WW years ago between kids. Hubby decided he was going to count points. The man is 6'3" and has always weighed between 180 and 190, except for the short period of time after y2k where he ate all of the power bars my dad got him in case the world ended. Anyshaziizzle, after consuming 31 points for breakfast, he decided that he was done with WW and wasn't going to bother with that crazy diet anymore.

My father-in-law seems to be like Monkey Girl's husband. FIL decides he's not going to eat meat anymore, and he quits. It's not that he's allergic or anything, he just decides that's what he's going to do and does it! How do they do that? I have to be confronted with anaphylactic shock before I'll stop eating something, and that doesn't even work completely!

Well, I'm off to make pepper encrusted portobello fillets for lunch! I'll let you know how it turns out!


  1. My husband is like that. Oh Man it drives me nuts some times. LOL. He has this amazing self control. I wish I could be like that.

  2. I wish you husbands could all be perfectly normal and wonderful like mine is. Sucks to be you.


  3. I'm following you! lol. My hubs went threw a crazy "protein diet" stage where all he ate was like, protein shakes and stuff. He got over it, lol.

  4. Us husbands play silly mind games like this purely for our entertainment value. It is a gift passed down from father to son.

    You asked about my posting 199 reasons to be thankful on your blog... Those 199 pieces of fruit you ate were just that. Our bodies thanked us each time we ate one.