Friday, November 5, 2010

Holy Crap!

And I mean it! Okay, one of my all time favorite shows is Everybody Loves Raymond. I LOVE Marie. And Frank, well, more about him in a minute.

About 10 years ago, a friend of mine had her gallbladder removed. It was pretty new still to pump the abdomen with air to remove the gallbladder with small incisions, but she did it! She was home recovering and decided to pick up a laundry basket. She assures me that the basket weighed less than 10 lbs as that is the limit for six weeks after a gallbladder removal surgery. Anyway, she was home alone. She picked up the basket and she heard a man say, very clearly, "Frank!" She whipped around to see who said it! She was alone after all! Then she followed her nose and learned that she had untapped talents!

Anyhoobies, in our family, we have all different names for the gas we pass (that would be an awesome title for a book), and Frank is just one of them!

Now that I have been on this fruit challenge for the last four days, Frank has been stinkin' up the place! I have also become EXTREMELY regular. Coincidence? Or psychic phenomenon? You decide!

Now back to Marie and Frank. My all time favorite quote:

Marie: You don't appreciate me! I am just a trophy wife to you!
Frank: (blinking) What contest in Hell did I win?


  1. I am not a psychic, although I once had someone convinced I was via some mean use of a Ouija board. Keep your fruit close at hand this weekend. It's going to take 3-4 days before we hit 199 I bet. Try the red grapes; plump, sweet and irresistable :-)

  2. Oh funny! My husband and I seem to have a few too many conversations about gas and poop. For us, seems the older we get, the more those topics are on our minds. And I know that fruit contributes to the former for me too.

  3. You bunch of stinkers, you!

    We have these 1-cup prep bowls that I've been filling with red grapes and snacking away on!

    There's a ripe mango waiting on the kitchen table, too, and a new wateremelon to be cut!