Friday, November 26, 2010


This is the first time in my life that I have ever had to wear bifocals. I have a really sore neck from holding my head down so that I don't look through the reading part when I'm cooking, looking through boxes, walking down stairs, flushing the toilet, etc. If I look through the bottom part when I am not reading, I get sick to my stomach or dizzy. UGH!

So I'm going to lay in my bed and read with a heating pad on my neck. At least my neck muscles are getting a good workout these days.

I started searching through my fabric today. We are pretty broke this year. We have no way to buy Hanukkah presents for the kids (which starts next week on Wednesday) so I am making things. I found a ton of flannel. Those boys and a little girl who will be with us for the first half of Hanukkah will have flannel pajama pants, flannel boxers, flannel pillowcases, and maybe some doll clothes made from flannel. I also found a bunch of fleece, so I will be making some fleece scarves, hats and mittens, too. My niece (on the other side) will be getting a dress with a pinafore with a matching dress and pinafore for her doll. My niece who is staying here with me is getting a kitchen for her birthday, so I will be making her some linens for her kitchen. This is going to be fun, and busy! I still have a few papers to write as well. I guess I won't have time to eat!


  1. As long as you still have time to blog, and to talk to your BFF . . .that's really all that matters.

  2. So crafty! We are not celebrating until my oldest gets back from college in last December... which will be just about when we do Christmas. Yep, we do both. Sigh.