Thursday, November 11, 2010

Biggest Loser Week 8 SPOILER!

To start, yesterday, I walked with my aunt. We only did about two miles, but she hasn't walked for weeks, so it was a good start for her. Today, I had too many tasks to do at school, so I didn't get to walk, but I did make my own laundry detergent. It was pretty easy, and I'll know tomorrow how it works, as it is supposed to sit for 24 hours before it is used. I also picked up my bifocals today. I took off my regular glasses and put on the bifocals and said to Hubby, "Whad'ya think?" He says, "Put the new ones on again!" I said, "These ARE the new ones, dork!" So I guess they're not that much different except for the nausea associated with them. If I don't move my head and blink my eyes really hard from looking straight ahead to down at the paper and back again, I'm fine, but that's about it!

Now for the Biggest Loser. FRADO MUST GO! I am so sick of his tough guy attitude. He is a total arse and I do not like him. I am very disappointed that they didn't send those girls home. I am so sick of their whining too. Anyway, Arron and Jesse look GREAT!


  1. Frado, Brendan and Patrick all have to go. Arrogant jagoffs. I am so. sick. of their bodfather routine, thinking that they run everything and are in complete control. When are the rest of the contestants going to wake up, smell the coffee and kick them to the curb?

  2. Show is driving me cray too. I really liked Aaron and Jesse, plus they were from near here! I would like to see Jessica blow everybody out of the water. She could lose 5 lbs by cutting her hair.