Monday, November 29, 2010


I am freezing. I cannot warm up. I also, coincidentally, am not feeling well. My head and chest are all congested, again. I warmed up my overly spicy bean soup to try to clear the sinuses. It didn't work too well. In spite of feeling a little lousy, I am busting through my homework! That is an improvement. I made some awesome veggie soup today as well. It just sounds so good.

All of my kids are making me crazy. I think the way it works is that I am not as tolerant to their belly aching and moaning as I would normally be. I think I am just extremely patient, but if I'm not feeling well, that patience goes away.

I am really tempted to skip school and just go to bed early.


  1. You better go to school so you don't get behind again.

    I think that you put up with too much bellyaching all the time and if you didn't, it wouldn't be so bad when you're not well. They'd actually be responsible and help you out more when you needed. Bunch of whiners! Want me to come over and knock some heads together?

    Oh wait, we're not REALLY neighbors. Whew.

    Oh yeah, and I want to say something about the bean soup possibly cleaning out your family's sinuses . . .
    Feel better!

  2. Hope you feel better - I recommend a hot shower and a who can be quiet the longest competition for the kids!

  3. Be smart - skip school and sleep!
    That's what I would do.
    Or maybe not!