Monday, February 7, 2011

Suzi's Challenge is Going to be HARD!

The challenge is to not weigh yourself every day. Now for the last 18 weeks, I have weighed myself every day. I know this, because yesterday, my Wii Fit told me that I hadn't missed a day in 18 weeks! So, as to not ruin my streak, Suzi told me I could do the body test every day with my eyes closed. I decided I would just stand on the board with my back facing the TV and have the kids push the buttons. They are not allowed to tell me anything that it says. So this morning, I did my body test, and i have no idea how I'm doing. I guess I am going to let this work on my psychologically!

Here's my plan, for this full week, I will live every day like I've had a 2 lb gain. That way, when I weigh in on Sunday, it will have to be down, right? If this gets me under that plateau that I've been farting around with, I will owe Suzi BIG time, and I'll end up keeping this up!

We had a good weekend here. Hubby had to work through the stupid snow storm that we had on Saturday. It was also his birthday. He was all excited about all of the presents he got for his birthday. He got his own EA Active Trainer 2 so that we can do that together and both have our movements tracked. He got an autographed picture of Zach Thomas (former player for the Dolphins) that said, Happy Birthday, Joel! Zach Thomas. He got a couple of books that he has been wanting. We had a party at the in-laws yesterday where they went sledding all day. Hubby's mom made him a chicken and dumplings soup for his birthday and I made a gluten-free (MIL gets migraines from gluten) vegan (FIL doesn't eat meat) potato bean rice soup for everyone else. I had made my own vegetable broth and added no salt. Everyone added their own salt when they ate it. I had used red and white potatoes, kidney beans, black beans and great northern beans, and a rice variety that had black rice, brown and red. It was a very appealing dish! We also had mustard greens. MIL made cakes that had eggs in them (THANK GOODNESS!) so I had none.

OH! I tried something new yesterday! It was Amy's Gluten-Free vegan Mac and Cheese. Now, mind you, I haven't had real mac and cheese for over 4 years. So the review may be a little skewed. OMGoodness! DELICIOUS! I was shocked at how good it was. Even though the noodles were rice noodles, they were pretty good! I felt all warm and comforted inside. I will definitely be getting this again!

This week will be busy, but I plan to keep up with all of my studies. Have a good one everybody!


  1. Oh, now we know your husband's name!

  2. I was a Vegan for many years.
    In the Army. Wouldn't eat a thing they made.
    It's good to find a product that you like!
    And the scale? You want me to come get it?
    I'll bring it back next week!
    Hooonnnnnest I will!

  3. Happy bday to your hubby. Did you see oprah last week. Almost her entire staff went vegan for a week. It was also the highest use of toilet paper ever lol. It was a good show. Most liked it but couldn't commit.

  4. Sounds like you have a great plan for this week!!
    I love some of Amy's stuff.

  5. Thanks for the info on the Amy's mac and cheese-maybe I can try the old switcheroo on hubbies mac and crack that he eats by the box. How does he not gain weight again??? I had some lovely Amy's low sodium low fat cream of tomato soup yesterday, it was glorious! I'm liking the brand so far, maybe I'll see what else they have...

    Polar's Mom