Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This snowmaggedon garbage is snow ridiculous. I am getting snow tired of hearing how we are going to be buried in snow and ice. I know Patrick is calling it "Snowmagator" because he likes alligators. "Snowmapuppy" doesn't have the same ring to it, but I do love me puppy! Snowmechaun? I like little bald leprechauns. I think this may be getting out of hand. We can't just go around making up our own names to storms! We are not qualified to do that!

We only have a few inches of snow here so far. The blizzard is supposed to start around 1:00 and be making our lives miserable until tomorrow night at 7:00. My hope is that they actually cancel classes for me so that I don't have to deal with it. We shall see.

We did an hour of Just Dance 2 last night. I am really itching to do some running on a treadmill, but I won't be getting to one anytime soon. Hubby did break out the snowshoes, so I might walk to my mother's in this crazy snowmapuppy storm we get.


  1. LOL, I like snowmapuppy. Its hard for me I think to exactly understand what its like having never grown up with snow. We hve to drive 3.5hrs to it. I hope your classes are cancelled and you can stay home, warm and safe

  2. We only got a few inches here but it managed to shut down the town. Which is good since no one here can drive in inclement weather. I think we need to see a pic of you in snowshoes... ;-)

    Polar's Mom