Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sonic KILLS!

Okay, I admit, I tried to sooth myself with food. It didn't work. I feel sick. I went to Sonic. It was right there! In the parking lot! Of THE WAL-MARTS! I couldn't find anything to spend money on that I wanted that would make Hubby angry, so I went to Sonic. So instead, I have made my intestines angry. I mean REALLY angry! Like POMA (peeing out my arse) angry.

I ran for 1/7 of my 35 minute walk/run last night, and was down 2.2 from yesterday's up 3.5.

I am going to school, then I plan to work out on the treadmill until I can't walk again. That way I can get this yucky feeling to go away.


  1. Killin at the speed of sound.
    And peeing out the butt.
    Not so good!
    *Poof!* Yukky Feeling be gone!
    Bless you dear heart!

  2. Wow. look at that filthy language!

    I had Sonic for lunch today - power of suggestion. Then I went and farted around at the mall. Literally. Luckily we don't have an inside mall.

    Vanna, can I buy a vowel? My sooth-sayer friend needs one.

  3. LOL, you guys are cracking me up.
    POMA, that's a new one for me. LOL Mind if I "borrow" it sometime. hahaha
    I was doing the math for your walk, does that mean you walked/ran for 5 minutes? Better than nothing in my book. You actually did 5 more minutes that I did yesterday. Now you do the math. LOL
    Hope you have a better day today, the Non-Sonic way!!!


  4. You can HAVE the POMAs! HA! No, I ran for five minutes of the 35 minute walk/run.