Friday, February 11, 2011

I Cheated!

I went to the Y tonight. All alone! Anyway, I was walking to the track and I saw the scale. I thought I would just take a little lookie. It wasn't too bad, but I have no clue where I really am because it is night time, I was fully clothed and shoed. So, I did a walk run mile. There was one woman running who was obviously an experienced runner. I asked her later how long she had been running. All.Her.Life. Seriously! So I decided today that I plan on living to 76 and when someone asks me how long I've been running I'm gonna say, "Half my life!" Hollah!

Then after my walk/run, I went to the pool. I swam for 30 minutes. Well, I was either swimming or treading water in the deep end. I am ready for bed! Swimming wears me out. I cannot wait for summer when we can all go swimming in the same pond I broke my arm ice skating on!


  1. cheaters never win! cheaters never win!

  2. Well you almost made it till Saturday :) I'm still proud of you!!

  3. Holla !! Omg, love that word hahah
    Way to walk run and swimming is soo tiring to me too!
    don't go breaking anymore bones, HOLLA!