Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doctor's Appt. Etc.

I originally had a doctor's appointment set up for this morning, but Yankee woke up on Tuesday with a really sore throat. I called the doc and got in a day early. Turns out, the kiddo has strep. I also talked to the doc about all of my suspicions. He decided against a celiac panel and decided to do an IGE. He also gave me a script for massage therapy for my "hump." I think the Reiki worked wonderfully, though, and a follow up massage with my favorite massage therapist IS in order.

Anyhiggle, I had my blood work done. They took one tube at 3 CCs and one tube at 10 CCs. Then she (the nurse) told me that if Fed Ex couldn't come up to get my blood, then I would have to go back tomorrow (today) and have the blood drawn again. I told her that I would drop it off at Fed Ex on my way home. First it had to sit for 10 minutes then spin for 20. So I went out to eat with my mum and son. We went to a little diner where I ordered biscuits and gravy with bacon. I had it in my head that I was going to be told that I wasn't going to be allowed to eat a whole bunch of yummy stuff that I thought I'd live it up. Then, for dinner, I had a wrap with ham and cheese and cream cheese. I ran for 10 of the 70 minutes on the treadmill and did the elliptical for 8 minutes.

I was up 3.5 today. Oh well, I'll be better tomorrow. I hope to have the results very soon. I wonder if I will have to go in to go over the results or if I can get them over the phone. I'm really excited to see.

I have my car back so I will be staying after class to do the treadmill again.


  1. Love the ham and cheeses wrap!
    I have those all the time with different deli meats!
    Running! - LIke!

  2. When you see Anne M for the massage, find out the scoop about her sis and the Cape, will ya? Oh that reminds me . . i missed it this week!