Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh For Crying Out LOUD!

or silently. This snow is making me crazy! ANOTHER winter weather advisory? If my back wasn't so sore, I'd be out there right now shoveling. ugh

I'm still going down, little by little on the scale. I have spent the last two days working in the kitchen on all kinds of yummy goodness! I made kale yesterday, more vegetable broth today, and Dimples asked me if I would make him some cooked broccoli and put French dressing on it. You betcha!

If I could find the camera, I would take some pics of the snow, but who really wants to see it? It's white, it's everywhere, and I am sick of it.


  1. Soon it will be Spring..... and well..... there ya go!

  2. That is funny that when you said 'yummy goodness' my mind immediately thought "oh no she's making cookies!" I guess one gals yummy is another gals 'kale?' ;-) Hope your snow STOPS-this is ridiculous! Ours is melting cause the sun FINALLY came out, but it is supposed to be below freezing tonight and snow again tomorrow here. Apocalypse I swear!

    Polar's Mom

  3. That is funny because being here in Arizona I would LOVE some snow..But we have been colder this year then we have EVER been. We have hit the teens in phoenix if you can believe that and just yesturday we were 28 degrees at 8AM.. That is CRAZY!! So it would have been snowing had it been raining here!

  4. It hit 80 here today. Sorry you're just all snowed out!!!
    so what does kale taste like?

  5. Kale is sweeter than collards and more bitter than spinach. I find them to be quite delicious!