Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh NO!

So I started reading a book by Elisabeth Hasslebeck about gluten free eating. My mother-in-law recently went gluten free to diminish migraines. As I am reading this book and the symptoms of celiac disease, I am thinking of asking the doc to take blood from all of us to see if we have it, especially middle kiddo. UGH!

Is this something that I can do? I know if I had to, I would. I never thought I could get rid of milk, and I did, so what's so different about gluten? Well, it's bread. That's all I got!

I ran for 5 minutes straight last night! The only discomfort I felt was the sweating. Not a fan of sweating. I also got fitted for running shoes yesterday. I will be getting them at the end of the month.

This has been a long week. I will enjoy my Friday and I hope you all do the same. Still haven't looked to see what I weigh.


  1. About 10 years ago I went on a super strict elimination diet to see if I had a food intolerance. It was amazing to find out how many foods have gluten in them. But back then, it was not well known and there were not all the great options they have now so commonly in stores for substitute products. I know a few people with celiac disease and it is very livable. My next door neighbor even found, as she looked at colleges, that some campuses had this as part of a special diet offering!

    BTW - I also had the endoscopy test and never did find any foods that officially cause me problems.

  2. When I went LoCarb, I also inadvertently went gluten free.
    To this day, I'm not sure what mad the most difference in my health!
    I credit both!

  3. Hasselebeck irks me but she swears she's feeling great and she sure does look it on the view.

    Have a great weekend