Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Tired Girl!

It stopped snowing around 10:00, so I got on all my snow gear to go and play in the snow. Well, play is a bit of a stretch, I shoveled. For more than 45 minutes. Then I warmed up some soup and had lunch. Hubby and I got in a doozie of an argument, then decided to go to the in-laws to do some snowshoeing. Now I have not worn the snowshoes since 2000 shortly after we bought them. The shoes have a weight limit of 175. I weighed 170 when I got them, then got pregnant with Dimples. There was just a short time that I was under the 175 weight limit, and I don't think it was in the winter.

So 2011 it is! Also, the last time I wore the snowshoes, we were walking on snowshoe trails that had been driven on by vehicles to pack the snow a little. We went down in the bog and then to a creek that wasn't quite frozen, more like a slush. Then we were in some drifts that were as deep as two feet! We went up banks, down banks and across the pond. We only went about 3/4 of a mile, but it felt like 2 or 3! I was sweating so bad and my heart was really pumping! MIL's camera battery was dead so she couldn't get any pics of us in our gear.


  1. too bad bout ma's camera. I bet she was devastated! Be careful out there. looks like you're already delayed 2 hours tomorrow

  2. Snow is a four letter word.
    But who is counting, have fun in the snow.
    Have a Great weekend!