Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enough With The Excitement Already!

I have spent more time visiting with doctors, nurses, physician's assistants, and the like than I care to mention, but nonetheless, I have spent a LOT of time in the last two weeks. I finally had my MRI last week on Thursday. Sunday night, Brown Eyes slammed his pinky finger in the door near the hinge end causing his finger to be severed from the base of the nail bed (removing it from the bone) to the fat pad. It was gruesome! The kid made it through the reattachment phenomenally and watched the whole time. Monday, I had to take him in to make sure that the nail bed had been successfully attached to the bone, and it did. They changed his dressings and rewrapped his finger only for the wrapping to come off the next morning. We went back to the doc to have the finger rerewrapped and it has stayed. I have been given all the stuff to do any rewrapping that is necessary.

Today I went to see my doctor to get the results of my MRI and the results of Dimples' IgG test. Dimples has some major allergy issues! He needs to be completely nut free, gluten-free, yeast free, mostly dairy free (he can have yogurt and cottage cheese), and melon-free. We are hoping that with the elimination of these foods, it will reduce some of his agitation and anger issues. We shall see!

Now for the results of my MRI. I have no tumors! Yay! That is the good news. Now for the bad news: I will most likely need surgery. there is a severe loss of hyaline cartlage at the lateral facet of the patella suggesting advanced chondromalacia. There is a large joint effusion; a Baker's cyst that measures approximately 4 cm in diameter. I see a orthopedic surgeon a week from tomorrow.

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  1. What a wild ride you've had this week! I'm so glad your son's finger is going to be ok, it's sounds horrible though. I'm glad your knee is free of rumors but sorry you need surgery anyway. And your son's allergies sound so cumbersome. I hope it makes a huge difference in how he feels! Hang in there it's a new week and a new month things will look up!