Saturday, July 9, 2011

Doctor Visit #2

This week, Brown Eyes went to the doc to get his stitches out. He has been cleared for pond swimming! YAY!

I went to the same doc on Friday. I had more x-rays and the doc decided to try first with Celebrex, a knee brace and some physical therapy exercises. I go back in a month. If that hasn't helped, I will get an injection of some sort. If that doesn't help, I will have arthroscopic surgery. If that doesn't help, I will have a partial knee replacement.

The doc did tell me that I am cleared to run! WOOT! I can resume training as usual. I am thrilled. Anyways, that's my news. Pumpkin has to go home tomorrow. So we will go back to a five member family with no little girls. *sigh*

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