Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Are NOT Helping!

I need everyone to be posting on their blogs. Instead, I have nothing to distract me from my last paper of the week. C'mon people!

Good Choices Yesterday:

Finished my research paper!
Ate only when hungry.
Had a limited amount of sugar.
Didn't yell at the kids! '

Today, I have one more observation to do and a paper to write about that. The kiddos are off school tomorrow so we are going to sleep in. I have nothing exciting to report. My BFF is MIA! Must.find.her.


  1. I am not going to enable you in procrastinating.

    Not yet, anyway... ;) ^^

  2. So... what's wrong with yelling at kids? They won't hear you otherwise, haha!

    Oh... um, hello. We haven't met yet, have we? Well feel free to stop by my place anytime you want to procrastinate. I revel in being an enabler, haha!