Friday, April 29, 2011

I am DOWN!

I weighed in on Tuesday and it showed me to be down 2 lbs for the week. I figured it was a fluke. Today, I weighed in again, and it STUCK! I am back down to 162.5! That is down 7.5 from when I found out my blood work results. I have just been trying to make good choices based on what my body can tolerate. I feel like I am back in the game again! I need to get to 159.7 before I am at my lowest. I know I can do that. With just some perseverance and a lot of good choices, I can do it!

I did all of my training this week that I had planned. I ran/walked a mile on Sunday, I ran/walked hard on Tuesday for 3.25 miles, and then ran/walked 2.25 miles last night. That is only 6.5 miles, but I am finding that I need to be purposeful about my exercise and keep track of it for three days a week to make it stick for me. I can do a lot of other things, but I'm not keeping track.

Grade update: I will more than likely have 3 As and 1 B for the semester. The B is a for sure as well as one A. The other two classes, one being Math and the other being Creative Arts, I still have finals to take. I am pretty confident I can get an A in Math as the paper I turned in last week was an A+ (can I get a WOOT?), and the test I took last night was a 93%. I am worried nonetheless. I am waiting for grades on two projects, a test and then the final next week for creative arts. It is my favorite class, so far.

Today will be a day of getting organized and regrouped. I need to get his house in order so that I can get a routine going before the kids get out for summer!