Friday, April 22, 2011

No School!

So the kids are home and it is just yucky outside. So today they will spend the day inside watching movies. I might see if I can get them to play some Just Dance II with me.

My papers are done and turned in. I got an A+ on one of them! I am sure I did well on the other. It was just about my math class observations. Pretty basic stuff. I have two tests next week, and three finals after that, two projects and I am done for the semester! I am looking forward to having a few weeks to myself while the kids are still in school. I plan to have a garage sale, get my house the way I want it, and get ready for summer, if it EVER gets warmer.

I weighed in this morning at 165.1. I am staying right between 164.9 and 165.1. I ran 1/2 a 5K last night on the treadmill, but that was all my legs would handle. I am working on getting faster and faster so that I can run a 5K in just over 1/2 hour. Last night, I did 1.55 mi in 24:17.

Good Choices Yesterday:

Went to the treadmill even though I didn't wanna!
Worked steadily on my Math paper and got it turned in on time.
Ate only when hungry.

Not So Good Choices:
Drank a LOT of calories in the form of dairy free smoothies.


  1. Congrats on the A+!! Good luck with the rest of your school stuff - your almost done! Yahoo!!