Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Don't WANNA!

I know have work to do, but I don't wanna do it! I would like to have one of my paper's done by the time I go to the school today to observe a math class, but the way things are going now, it's not going to happen. I had to organize my school books! I had to count the change in the change jar! These things are important? I don't think so! BUT I do feel a little better knowing that all the quarters are safe from my kiddos and all the pennies that are 1982 and older are separate from the chump change!

I can really tell a difference in myself since I have been back on the meds. I am so much slower to anger! Dimples can really get under my skin, and since he's not able to make me fly off the handle as easily, he's not pushing me as much. Last night, one of my classmates said, "You seem so calm! I liked you better off of your meds!" Well, my family didn't, so on them I am.

I stayed at school last night to watch Biggest Loser and do the treadmill. My goal right now is to do a 5K faster than the last one. So, I did last night's 5K in 50:32. I will do a 5K every other day and try to increase my time a little each go. This is about making good choices, not obsessing about food and what I'm NOT allowed to have!

I was at the grocery the other day and realizing all that I CAN eat and it was so empowering! I can eat strawberries, grapes, kiwi, avocado, eggs, BACON, beef, spinach...the list goes on! Who cares if I can't have some bread, there is still so much more out there. Instead of getting upset when people say, "What DO you eat?" I now say, "Oh, I manage!"

Now, I need to get these papers done. I DON'T WANNA!

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