Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sick Husband and One More Midterm

Oh my GOODNESS! What is worse that being sick? A man being sick, of course! When hubby is sick, he is sicker than anyone has ever been! Okay, granted, he was severely dehydrated, was given some medicine for nausea (stomach flu) and something for his cough.

Yesterday, my brother-in-law and his wife had their first baby. He is a so cute! I am growing weary of being asked if I am "Grandma"! Two different nurses called me grandma. I am OVER it! I am only 8 1/2 years older than my brother-in-law. I am going to start saying, "I had him when I was 8...and a HALF!"

My exercise has been great this week. I still need to work on what I eat, though. I am just not caring if what I eat is going to make me sick, I eat it anyway. The thing is, I have been working out at least an hour and 15 minutes a day, so while I'm waiting for my food attitude to change, I can burn off as much as possible.

I have one more midterm exam and then I am done with school until March 15th, which happens to be the day AFTER I shave my head! I am 29% of the way to my goal of $1,000. Please consider donating to this cause.


  1. My husband is a baby when he is sick. Shhh!

  2. Big get-well soon wishes there, for sure!