Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 3 Avoiding Allergens

I decided yesterday to NOT take an Excedrin Migraine. I have a low grade headache right now, but I think I will try to fight through it. Since Friday, I have lost 4.2 lbs. I attribute that to drinking more water and not having gluten. I also notice I am not as bloated. We shall see what happens next.

All in all, these last two days have been really hard. I know that it will get easier, but not before it gets harder. I have class tomorrow, and we usually eat like pigs. I might bring some kind of healthy something as a snack for us. I will let you know how that goes.

I took a bath in baking soda to make my body more alkaline. I plan to talk to my nutritionist friend/reiki lady later today to get some more pointers. Hopefully, I can kick this stuff out of my system, and get through life feeding my body what it needs. I just don't know how I will get by without garlic. I am really mourning that loss (along with the Pepsi).

Anyway, I am happy to be back on track weight wise. I am extremely tired. This week is spring break for the kiddos, so I don't think I'll get much alone time at the Y. I am hoping to take them with me at least two days this week, maybe leaving the littler ones with grandma another day.

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  1. The church librarian is also allergic to garlic - I guess I have to stop telling her that she's the only one now.

    What did the reiki lady say?