Friday, May 27, 2011

Rain Rain Rain!

We have had our share of it! The nice thing is that USUALLY, we have days of sunshine in between, except today. That's okay. I'll be alright. I refuse to turn on the h eat. Last time I said that, I turned it on about five minutes after I said it.

Anyway, we have had a LOT of rain! The water really has no where else to go. Our back yard was flooded (something not seen by anyone who in the recent past). Our basement was running water into the sump pump. It actually sounded like water was running, which I guess it was. We didn't have more than a steady stream, but my neighbor across the street had 13 inches in her basement.

I enjoyed the Biggest Loser finale the other night. I was wondering why so many looked so good so long before the end of the season. Well, Allison said at the beginning of the show that this was the longest season ever. Well, there you have it! I could not believe how good so many people looked! Here I thought they were fine when they left the ranch, now they look even better! Some of them have even reached my goal! :D

I have been having some pain down the front of my right leg. My knee has been getting very swollen as well. Well, I decided that I would forgo running last night. Instead I went to the Y with the kiddos and swam for about an hour. Well, for the week, I have lost 1.1 lbs. I am very pleased with that. I was hoping to increase the amount of time I could run to 4:00. I am up to 3:20. I will extend this week's training to two weeks to get up to 4 minutes.

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  1. Some of them were unrecognizable! Loved the dresses that the purple team sisters wore.