Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brrr! Supposed to be Spring?

It has been too cold! Last week was so hot, and last night, I was wearing long johns, leg warmers and a stocking cap!

I was down another .4 today! Since it is supposed to be spring, I am trying to get outside and consistently get some moving of my body done. Yesterday consisted of tearing down the garage sale and shivering during Yankee's baseball game. Tonight, we plan to go to the Y.

I figured I should update you on the ducklings that were my charge over Mother's Day Weekend. They're dead. AND it wasn't my fault. Lucy, the black lab, killed them Thursday night. She knew what she did was bad because she opened the door to the house, opened her crate and "hid." A little while later, my mother-in-law found yellow fuzz all over the yard. Father-in-law cleaned up the remains before she had to see anymore. Well, after all of that work, I decided to take some of my garage sale money and buy more ducklings and a couple of chicks for her. She had all the stuff, so I figured I would help her along the way.

Well, time to wrap up in a blanket! Have a splendid day!


  1. It's finally feeling a bit more like spring here today so I am going for a bike ride!

  2. Oh no, the ducklings ;(
    I hope she is enjoying the new ones, that was so sweet of you.