Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Less Gas, More Movement

Not THAT kind of gas! I mean gasoline! I am doing my best to drive as little as possible when it is nice out. That means more movement. Today, I didn't drive at all. I rode with the youngest to and from school today, rode my bike to the store to get 7up for Yankee (who is still not feeling great), and rode my bike to the library to get a new book to read and some movies.

I am planning to do a 30 minute run/walk tonight, then go to my mom's and watch the season finale of Biggest Loser. I hope she doesn't mind me being stinky. Maybe I'll stop at home, get a change of clothes and ride my bike over there. That way I won't make her furniture stinky.

What I am really excited about is that I am down to another low. I am at 160.7. I feel like I am back in a groove. I also think that running is a big part of it. It takes a discipline to keep it up. If you don't continue, you have to start from scratch. I have learned that and will do my best to keep on keeping on.


  1. Augh you weren't on my blog roll for some reason!
    What did u think of the finale? They looked good! Not so sure I like Jillians replacement

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