Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Monday of the School Year!

The kids are excited! Me, not so much. I have been staying on track with eating, and my weight hasn't changed, so things are good. One thing that has changed is my time! I did a 5K on Saturday benefiting Conquer Childhood Cancer Now, a local organization to raise awareness for childhood cancers. Yankee was supposed to run with me. The idea was that on Friday, I would wear him out as much as possible so that I had a chance of beating him on Saturday. On Saturday, he could barely walk, let alone run. So, I WIN! Well, he didn't even go with me. That's okay, though. My mom went and she did all of the data entry stuff for the event. I have really enjoyed having my mom close by.

Back to the race. So the race starts and I am jogging along. I am thinking, "Wow! My body feels great! I am not experiencing any pain, I might run the whole way! Wait, I can't catch my breath. What? Why can't I breathe in?" So I slow down to a slow walk. I catch my breath and then my right knee starts hurting. I make it to the half-way mark at 24:30. I was okay with that! That would have me finish at over two minutes faster than the last 5K about a month ago. Then I am still walking and this group of women start running past me. One woman is about 60 and says, "Guys! Stop running! I don't run!" Well that got me thinking that I could let the old lady beat me! I mean really, I've been training to run and this old lady who doesn't run is going to finish before me?" I don't think so!

So I picked up the pace and started running. When I would get tired, I would walk for a while, and that pesky lady would come upon me again. So then when I started passing her on the home stretch, I said, "Pick up the pace, Lady!" And then I said, "Not THAT much!" Anyway, I finished the race in 46:20. The race I ran in April was 51:08. My friend who organized the race this past Saturday wants me to race with her this Saturday. If I can find a sitter, I will go again and try to finish even faster!

I have been trying to drive as little as possible, so I will be riding my bike to the library, and then walking to pick up Brown Eyes from school today (if it doesn't rain by then).

So Stephen, at Who Ate My Blog, said, "You will never lay in bed at night regretting that you ran, just that you didn't run." Well, that is true, my friend, but I might regret it the next day ;). I am sore!

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  1. WAY TO GO! That is a great movement in time for a race!! You have a LOT to be proud of!! :)