Monday, July 11, 2011

What a day!

I had to take Pumpkin home yesterday. I love getting her and taking her away from her less than ideal living conditions, but I hate taking her back. She just thrives when she is here. So yesterday was a bad day as far as that goes.

Last week, my sister-in-law's van broke down. She drives a rural route for the P.O. So does Hubby. Anyway, the engine is shot, needs to be either rebuilt or replaced. She borrowed our van last week and we were a one car family with 6 people and 5 seats. We didn't go anywhere together for a few days. Then we got our van back last week on Friday night, had two nights of late baseball games and a noon game yesterday. Yankee's team lost all three. It was pretty sad. The team had a losing season, but it was the most enjoyable season we have had for many years. Yankee has been playing baseball since 2004. He has had some good coaches, some not-so-good coaches, and one really horrible one. I can say, that hands down, we had the best coaches this year. And because of those good coaches, we had some great fans, and great games. The sportsmanship and grace these coaches taught our boys made this a winning season. I am SO happy!

I have started making gluten-free chocolate chip waffles. Everything is 100% gluten-free as Dimples seems to be allergic to most kinds of grains, so I am very careful of cross-contamination. I will post the recipe another day, though, because it is somewhat involved, and I don't have exact measurements.

Hubby called me today while he was out on a mail route to tell me that the van was running hot. Then he called to tell me it was overheating. Then he called to tell me that the van wouldn't run anymore. So I went out to the rural backroads to find him. I pushed his van for two miles in the rain (by nudging the bumper of the other car to his van).

Sister-in-law drove Poppy's truck to get me and the brakes went out. She put it into park to stop it. A very kind member of our church family brought a vehicle to us to use for hubby to finish his route and then he borrowed a vehicle from a co-worker for tomorrow.

The meds are not helping my knee, but I've only been on them since Friday, so we shall see.

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  1. Lots of events going on in your neck of the woods.
    Sorry to hear about the meds not working, hopefully they will kick in soon.