Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Than Six Months

It has been a long time since I've been here and my life has changed so much. Right after I had surgery in August, I asked my husband to move out. He had been violent with our children, violent with me and threatened more violence. I think he is mentally ill, and have diagnosed him (I still DO that!) with bipolar disorder. I tried to get us counseling but he refused to discuss anything he said or did because he claimed it was no one's business. So I thought I'd share it with the interwebs! So, about three weeks ago, our divorce was final. He got a job (I find the timing suspicious) and moved away. So now, my life is getting back to "normal." The kids and I feel comfortable leaving the house without worrying about him showing up. Heck, we feel comfortable knowing he's less likely to show up and break-in!

He moved about a week and a half ago. Coincidentally, I got shingles a week and a half ago. Last semester was hard, but this semester is proving to be the most difficult for me. Thank goodness my course load is light, because I am doing my internship 15 hours a week, working two part-time jobs and still taking 7 credit hours. Last week was spring break, so I only missed my internship.

I did miss work on Sunday because I came down with yet another virus. I thought it was strep, but the culture came back negative. YAY! On Sunday afternoon, when I was taking my antiviral for the shingles, I accidentally took Dimples' ADHD medicine. Once my heart stopped racing, I felt GREAT! I was all zen and able to balance the national budget. But, I couldn't sleep. I was up until 2:00. I did enjoy some of the beautiful weather we've been having. I took the dawg and the youngest on a walk. It was the first time I've walked outside since my surgery over six months ago. I was kind of wobbly from the meds, and from the shingles, but we ended up going 1.6 miles. I took advantage of the nice night last night again and took the dawg and Jee for a walk again and went two miles. They were not fast walks, but they were resistance walks as Bee was pulling on me like crazy.

I would like to think I'm back to the blogging world. I felt better when I exercised and I really enjoy writing. Here's hoping everyone's favorite auntie is back!

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  1. Welcome back! Glad you are getting rid of the negative stuff (shingles included). Hope you're on the road to recovery!