Monday, September 5, 2011

I Faced The Scale

It was scary. I didn't know what it would say. It had been 45 days since my last weigh in. EEK! So I got myself on that scale and it said, after 45 days, with a road trip, a wedding, surgery, and very little exercise, I was +2.6. I am bummed because that puts me at 162.3, but on the other side, it could have been a LOT worse.

It has been really hard for me not being allowed to run, or walk long distances without a crutch. I see my son running morning and night, and I so desperately want to join him. I am signed up for a half marathon taking place in two months. Will I be allowed to even train? I go back to the doctor in a week, and I hope he at least clears me for PT, that way I can at least know what I am allowed to do as far as stairs, running, walking, strength exercises, etc.

Have a happy Labor Day! I am off to make me some corn meal mush. It is perfect for a day like today, high of 65, cloudy.


  1. I hope he releases you for some PT soon. As I was reading, I was thinking, "who wants to run now?! It's well over 100 degrees still." Then I read your last line. South Texas really needs some relief from this heat and drought.

    Up 2.6 isn't bad at all considering your circumstances and activities over the past 45 days. I'd be good with that. LOL Good luck at the Drs!

  2. 2.6lbs for 45 days! that's fabulous - congratulations you must have been making some really great food choices.
    You could lift some weights until you're cleared for PT. Sitting down that wouldn't put stress on your knee and it burns so good calories too!