Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Bike Ride

I took my first bike ride tonight since August 17th of 2011(pre knee surgery). Wow! Was that hard! I only went 1.2 miles, but my legs were all shaky after it. I also grabbed the dog and walked to get the kiddos from school. It was such a gorgeous day, I couldn't pass up this awesome weather.

I think I am going to get serious about my eating again. I am going to sit and read Women Food and God again, too. I was doing really well losing weight when I was reading that. I do, however, think that book had a lot to do with the ending of my marriage. While reading that book, I realized that my inner voice was really quite wonderful. It was the voice from Ginger (Yankee named him that) that was pretty hateful. By asking Ginger to be kinder to me, he felt like he was losing control of me and only became meaner and more hateful. It is not okay to be treated that way, and I will do my best to keep myself out of that situation again.

I really need to face the scale. I am a little nervous about it. I also forget to get on before I eat or drink in the morning. I know it's there and I know it's not horrible because I still fit in most of my clothes. I just don't fit into all of them, so that's how I know it needs to be faced.

Oh yeah! I am shaving my head again on Monday. Feel free to donate money that goes to raise money for childhood cancer research!

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