Saturday, September 3, 2011

Long Hiatus?

It is one of the longest I have had yet. So much has happened since we last spoke. First, I found my niece's father/my brother after 12 years of no contact. My mom and I took my niece to where he lives for his wedding, so she got to meet her daddy in person. Very exciting. Two days after we got home, August 18, I had knee surgery. I had a tendon snipped, arthritis scraped out, and holes drilled into the marrow to produce new cartilage. It was pretty painful, but the doctor is pleased with my speed of recovery. He told me on Monday that I shouldn't even try stairs until the 12th of September. I will have been doing stairs for two weeks by then. 

So two weeks post surgery, I am feeling pretty good. I am still experiencing some pain, but it's really not much worse than before I had the surgery. Since I am still healing, I am noticing my knee giving way some times, but I still use a crutch when I will be doing a lot of walking. 

Yankee has started running cross-country. I want so desperately to be out there running with him, but he is keeping it up. He ran 24:16 for two miles the other night. It was 97 degrees at the time. Today, he ran two miles in 20:12. I am really proud of him.

Dimples is on a new ADHD medicine that has turned him back into the funny, witty boy he used to be. He doesn't seem to get angry as fast, and his moods have improved greatly. 

Brown Eyes is a stink pot. He is in second grade now, mainstreamed for most of the day, and improving beyond anyone's expectations (well, except mine). 

I have not weighed myself since they put me on the bed at the hospital, and that was in kilograms, so I'm happy being 70 something K. I noticed that my size 12s are a little snug, but I am sure that will fall away as I am able to start moving more.

Today, I had the first day of my Horsemanship class. I dare anyone to do something like that 16 days post surgery! It was a little rough. First, I have only ever ridden a horse. I have never had to do anything besides ride the beast, never ever groom, put on the saddle or any of the other stuff I did today. I even had to clean her hooves! That was really tricky. I would lean on her so that I could lift her foot, and she would lean back over on me and almost know me over. We finally came to an understanding. I would only clean one hoof, and everyone got to laugh at me. 

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