Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Far So Good

I am not bleeding or fighting to stay awake, so today is already better than yesterday! I was down .7 this morning, which makes me very happy. It's probably just blood weight. I lost a lot of blood from the bottom of my foot. Anyway, the only walking I did yesterday was walking this kids to school in the morning (.8) and walking from the car to class last night.

I still feel stuffy from my cold. I am drinking a ton of lemon water which is probably helping with the water weight and getting the vitamin C I need for energy.

I have a new favorite class this semester! Phonics and Early Literacy. I get to write a children's book! I am all over this! I also like my Spanish class. I also really like my Health Education class. I guess I like this semester best of all of them!

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