Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Month (+7 Days)

I have been MIA again! I am in my last week of classes, finals next week and graduation after that. Since we last spoke, I have had my head shaved, found a new place to live and am preparing to shave my head again. I have sold most of my furniture in preparation for the move and I will be selling most of my clothing. It was nice when I went through some of my clothes last week to see that I still have stuff I bought two years ago that is still too big for me. I ended up only keeping about 12 hanging items to sell over 50 others. I need to go through my shelves to do some purging there as well.

My BFF, who is not thrilled about the move has told me that she is getting her act together. Well, I must be a part of this! I thought about joining WW, but I know I should just save the money and get myself in shape. I hate this cold weather and am so ready for it to be warm so I can enjoy some outside exercise. I haven't weighed myself for a while, but will try to do so tomorrow at my mother's.


  1. congratulations on so many wonderful things! I will help the BFF get moving.

  2. Wow. you really are paring down!